Horace II brogue


The Horace shoe was first designed in 2000.  The Horace II is a full wing tipped brogue.  The secret of the Pokit brogue was to fasten it with concealed elastic. Slip-on shoe design had been restricted, always gusseted exposing the elastic either totally or partially. It was a probing question at the factory that led to its trial and production. The significance of this is that it created successfully a loafer that masquerades as a shoe, a new style built out of a classic that is not too dainty as most loafer were.

In this shoe the brogue becomes cool again and regains some attitude and street cool.  This slip on design has been much admired and has inspired many derivatives. It still forms part of our permanent range and remains popular in the many styles and renditions which we offer it in.
Most importantly they are cool and easy to wear but retain that mischievous ambiguity.  They make a statement quietly.  Incidentally they are called Horace after a good friend doubted what he heard about them but relented in amazement when he saw them.
It is a bench made, Goodyear welted and constructed shoe.


Horace II is available for men and women in white and tan