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Inspired by legendary architect Buckminster Fuller’s volumetric Geodesic Dome the POKIT signature Capsule bag has become a design icon and it has earned itself cult status. It is a great bag, this classic messenger bag, with its three dimensional curvilinear construction, is still is as original as the day it launched in 2000.

As a modern take on the English hunting satchel, the POKIT Capsule is instantly recognisable by its idiosyncratic shape, saddlery overtones and spacious interior. Unisex, compact, versatile and easy to use, the Capsule is suited to carrying larger loads than other bags of comparable size.  

The bag’s structure is unsurpassed in both quality and performance. Engineered for comfort, the Capsule’s articulated shoulder strap is angled to enable the bag to either pivot or sit flat across the body in the best position, its cushioned back ensures total comfort