getting a suit made/

Every suit starts with the designer

The process of getting a suit made can be a complex undertaking. So we’ve done all the hard work up front to allow you to choose your style, fabric and fit with the minimum of fuss.  We see a suit as the wearer sees it.

"If we could call it anything other than tailoring we would." 

Step 1

You choose your style and fabric with as much or little help as you need from us. To help you picture the suit we fit you in our white cotton proto-types, balancing shape, fabric and your personal style so you get the suit you really want. You can be as conventional or avant-garde as you like.

Step 2

Our tailors cut your cloth and sew you a Pokit suit the Fabri-K way. You return a week or two later for the first of several fittings, we get back to work adjusting and styling it. Usually the whole process of getting your suit made takes only three weeks.

Our work doesn't stop when you take your suit home. We ask you to wear it, settle it in and bring it back to us. We check it and make any final adjustments to your shape. This is all part of the Fabri-K service.