A word from the designer

If you truly believe there's something you can do better then you should. POKIT started really as a benchmark brand determined not to be either loftily minimal, pretentiously artistic designers, or gimmicky.

It is easier to describe what we wanted POKIT not to be. We started it when Claire was halfway through her MA course and I, Bayode was still a junior scientific administrator at the department of health, a civil servant.....so really as a spare time hobby. Growing up in London had formed our taste and eye, but not in the typical club scene or post punk way. Ours was a unique indescribable mix of influence and strong sense of personal style fixed our design direction and attitude. This is London, who's to say what a designer should look like, studied or have done? But this was the start of lifestyle and luxury marketing era,As reluctant outsiders we began to form our 'knock out' strategy fusing serious and effective product design, relentless perfection in quality with a our pure London style and uncompromising 'the harder they come' attitude. When we called our first collection Stone Cold Classics many called us arrogant upstarts but we are still selling those same products today. Our products speak for us and that's how we wanted it!

Ultimately we've raised the bar, punching well above our weight. Since then we've designed many things, been feted, exhibited, celebrated, have been in magazines and books and have sold many products but none of this really counts. All that counts in the end is us being true to ourselves, products and our principles, only sending out original work that we would buy ourselves. Our loyalty is always to the customer and the integrity of the product. We are obsessive about our products, not the brand. To constantly think about, wake up thinking about better ways to further improve performance for the customer whether it is a single suit or the 1000th bag in a run. The only thing that comes a close second is the style thing.