50 Shapes of Grey


This spring we're feeling grey.  Not a comment on current economic times or the weather.  The common grey suit is much overlooked.  It is the workhorse of the corporate world, a grey mist decends on the city. All too often badly styled and in a shade that washes out the wearer.  Take a fresh look at grey.  A blank canvas, it is perfect cloth to draw attention to the shape and form of a suit, making it supremely expressive and individual - perhaps the opposite of what we think it to be. 

Let's not forget too that that both the grey suit and grey flannel trousers are indispensible English standards in a classic preppy wardrobe.    Famously worn by Cary Grant in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" in the sunny south of France.  We prefer a nice tightly spun Yorkshire worsted cloth, not too light weight.  A right of passage for an English summer - more tea vicar?